Discipline is not a subject we like talking about. It's not sexy - like the idea of being a millionaire or having financial freedom. It's not fun like jetting off to an island with friends and family. However, it is the foundation to have any success in any area, including your money.

Most people aren't void of vision. They are void of the discipline needed to make the vision come to pass. I often work with clients to establish savings plans so they can afford to invest in their dreams. Some accomplish their goals and some don't. The determining factor is ALWAYS discipline.

Life is always going to happen. There will always be a need. There will always be something you could spend the money on. There will always be something working to get you to spend your money today so that you can't live your dream tomorrow. This is why discipline is so important. Discipline is the force that helps you say "yes" to your dreams and goals" and "no" to the distraction sent to derail you.

Let me give you an example: I worked with a client who wanted to start a business but first wanted to reduce her credit card debt. When she came to me, she thought she was tapped out and couldn't afford more than minimum payments in savings. When I challenged her to look at her spending and see where she could trim the fat, she could an extra $478 from cutting out eating out, Starbucks and iTunes purchases. She put $200 towards savings and the other towards paying down her credit card. In a year, she had $2400 in savings, one credit card paid or and her credit score was up 60 points. Now she's focusing on getting the next two cards paid for and attending trainings that will help her launch her business.

She is moving forward because she is choosing discipline. She still wants Starbucks - she just doesn't want it more than she wants her dreams. The great news is that her present isn't her forever. If she continues on her current, she will be able to enjoy Starbucks, dinners out and her business. 

She recently told me that she didn't realize how much money she was blowing until we started working together. She realized spending $3 here and $10 there was costing her the dreams she wanted most. She had a choice to make. She chose discipline.

What about you? Have you chosen discipline? Do you have a clear plan for your money? Are you honoring yourself by following the plan or do you find yourself constantly missing your spending goals? Just like my client, you have to make a choice.

Here's a question to consider: Are you actions with your money setting your up for freedom or bondage? Once you know the answer, you must choose to make the decision to discipline yourself.

Discipline isn't a one time choice. You have to make it every day. Every time you walk in a store, see a commercial advertising a sale or see that famous Starbucks' cup, you have to decide what's more important: this moment or your future.

Remember, you have the power to make the choices that will lead to your goals and dreams. Discipline may not be sexy but it sure is necessary!