Over the last year, I've started a practice of waking up a little earlier to work on increasing my financial IQ. After I pray, I start my day, learning about wealth. As a young woman I was taught to aspire to be like the Proverbs 31 woman. I use to hate that because much of the teaching was about cooking, cleaning and decorating. The teachings overlooked that she was a wise business woman. Her financial decisions helped increase the wealth of her family.


 Proverbs 31:16 - "she considers a field and buys it."

Consider means - "to take something into account when making an assessment or judgement."


To me this means that she understood the real estate market BEFORE she made a purchase. She didn't just depend on other people to spoon feed her information. She was a student of the industry she expected to make profit in. We know she was a sharp business woman that brought honor to her family. She was prayerful and profitable.


For many years, I didn't do the work to be financially savvy. I counted on my husband to make all the right decisions with his retirement. I counted on the news to tell me what was happening in the market which usually left me afraid to invest or investing late. And if I'm honest, I had this false expectation that God was just going to bring wealth to my door because I was a faithful giver. Over time, I realized that it wasn't just my husband's job to build wealth for our family, that the news couldn't be my primary source and that God would help me but I had to give Him something to work with. I had to learn how to create wealth so He could bless the work of my hands.

Those shifts in thinking caused me to become a student. Maybe you need to make the same shift. Maybe you just need to know how to take the journey. Here are several steps I take to ensure that I am competent in investing.


1) I subscribed to several investing lists so that I could get a wide variety of information. I read at least 5 articles a day most usually before 7am.

2) I look up terms. I don't skip over words that I don't know. How can I make wise decisions if I don't know the difference between a "bear" market and a "bull" market and which one we are in?

3) I watch the prices of silver, gold, oil and other stocks BEFORE I buy. I've learned that being a woman who "considers" before I jump in helps me make wise decisions before I invest.

4) I often start with a small investment to learn. For example, I'll take the price I would spend on a nice dinner ($100 or less) and invest it in something I trying to learn about. I realize that I've blown $100 a lot of times in my life so if I lose it at least I learn a lesson.

5) I am committed to be financially competent. I have taken my own power. I don't expect anyone to do the work for me. Even when my wealthy friends make suggestions, I make them tell me why and then I do my own research. Ultimately, it's my money, my future and my wealth that's at stake and that's too important to leave in the hands of someone else.

6) I stick with my vision. There are a lot of ways to invest - multi-level marking, real estate, commodities, stocks, business, art, etc. I have to make the decisions that are aligned with my family's goals. I stay focused on that and when someone offers me what seems to be a great opportunity for them, I ask if it aligns with the goals and vision I have for our family. If not, I let it pass.


I hope that you will continue the journey to be financially competent. Be committed to saving at least 3 months of living expenses. Get out debt and become financially competent. After all, it's your life, your future and your wealth that's at stake. #blackwomenbuildwealth