If you look around the average Black church, you see lots of Black women. Black women are leading, serving, singing and giving. Most Black church have more women than men in attendance. 


The research reveals:

 The media wealth of single Black women is $5

 1 in 4 Black women are uninsured

One third of Black women over 65 live in poverty


That research includes many amazing Black women we see in church every Sunday. They are our mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends, they are US. As a result, it's time for us to get serious about empowering Black women to be financially savvy and to build wealth. I see the church leading this revolution.


Historically, the  Black church has always served as the center of  the community. The Civil Rights movements was birthed and mobilized from within the church. The financial revolution should be as well. In addition to making sure people know Jesus, the Black church has always had the responsibility of equipping people to deal with life. The church is a place of empowerment!  

I see the Black church more like the Jewish community than the traditional evangelical church. We have to operate as a community to truly thrive. I believe it's time for the church which is the hub of the community for many Blacks to begin to equip people to build wealth by creating companies that provide jobs.

This year at FOC, Edwin Strickland and I along with Sirtric Dilworth started a project that will take several years to implement. It started with a 20% challenge - tithe 10% and save 10%. The church needs money to operate and people need money to LIVE. Many people told us they had never heard about saving in church. That's sad. We are educating people on the importance of having 6 months of savings (at least) and good credit. In the 10 months, our partners (what we call our members) have reported paying off $152,000 in debt! The years not over. Debt freedom is crucial to building wealth!

The Black church is the perfect place to deal with poverty. We can tap into the wisdom of God and the expertise of those around us and ensure that it's not the Black women in our church who are in those statistics I mentioned above. 

If you would like to stay connected then go to www.blackwomenbuildwealth.com and join the revolution