If you are new to the revolution of Black women building wealth, you may feel overwhelmed as you pull your credit score, add up your expenses and look at your debt. Your finances or lack thereof can seem like an insurmountable mountain that you will never climb. Because the problem has seemed so big, you've treated your finances like the elephant in the room, you know it's there, but you just ignore it.


Whenever I was facing a big problem, my grandmother would say, "How do you eat an elephant?" The response was "one bite at a time." She did this to remind me that I didn't have to fix it all in that moment. Often times it couldn't be fixed in one moment, but if I was consistent in addressing it, I could resolve it over time.


If your credit score is poor, please don't waste your money trying to find some to "fix it." Instead take the time and address what's on your credit score. See what you need to pay, what you need to dispute (if something is wrong) and what you to work on. Make a list and deal with one step at a time. 


If you haven't been a saver, set a savings goal that you can manage. Don't despise the small amounts. Your change will add up over time. Just keep eating away at the elephant.


You also eat the elephant by what you focus on. If you haven't purchased your copy of "The Black Woman's Guide to A Wealthy Mindset, then grab a copy. It will definitely show you what to focus on as you work on building wealth.


Remember, you didn't learn your habits overnight so you won't fix them overnight. But you can fix them - one bite at a time.